This unit helps develop an understanding of the way in which agricultural and ecological systems can integrate to improve agricultural production.

This is an important unit as it deals with sustainable soil management techniques for agricultural production.

This unit provides students with knowledge and skills in the area of growing rice. The module will help provide an opportunity for learners to develop skills in establishing irrigation systems.

This course will help students to develop competencies and theoretical knowledge to understand the importance of biodiversity and why it needs conservation. it also explores the identification of significant species as well as the principles of ecological restoration and biodiversity assessment techniques.

The climate change adaptation and mitigation course prepares students to work within an environment of change. It provides knowledge on implications of climate change within the Vanuatu context and in particular; the impacts of climate change on the forestry, livestock, horticulture and bio-security sectors.

Course topic emphasis is made on the application of adaptation and mitigation techniques in
1. Forestry
2. Livestock
3. Horticulture