The purpose of this module is to provide graduates with the skills and knowledge required to engaged in off farm activities which provide additional income. The module explores the need for farmer to have potential off-farm income due to the increased uncertainty of agriculture.


Understanding processes required to develop climate risk strategies for agribusiness enterprises. Students will review, analyze and interpret Vanuatu climate data and policies and prepare risk management strategies which are relevant to the Vanuatu context.

This unit discusses the importance of business planning for agricultural firms—from input suppliers to producers to processors—and describes the steps required to prepare a thorough business plan. The general process of business planning is the same for each type of firm. However, each may have differing individual aspects that affect its plan’s contents. Regardless, we present a recommended format that should be useful for all types of agricultural firms as they develop written business plans. We use examples from the wide variety of agribusinesses to provide a broad context to the general theme of business planning.